Gardening Questions and Organic Garden Information

Doug Green
If you want to ask gardening questions or you're looking for solid how-to organic gardening tips along with practical plant reviews and product tests, you've hit the right website.

I'm Doug Green, a semi-retired nurseryman and award winning author who used to grow 1600 varieties of perennials and 600-800 varieties of annuals and vegetables in my nursery before closing it down to write full time. I've been growing and passing along practical gardening information for over 35 years now and I'm happy to help you with organic gardening techniques that help make your garden a better place for you, your kids and pets.

I have several gardening rules I'd like to share with you.

Doug's Gardening Rule #1

You only have to feed your plants if you want flowers, leaves or fruit.

Doug's Gardening Rule #2

If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong

Doug's Gardening Rule #3

Plants die. Life happens.

Doug's Gardening Rule #4

There's a full spreader load of BS on the Internet about gardening.

Doug's Gardening Rule #5

If you don't like a plant, dig it up and give it away. Life is too short for disappointments

Doug's Gardening Rule #6

Any plant smaller than I am is willing to be moved somewhere else in my garden - whether it thinks it's willing or not.

Doug's Gardening Rule #7

Gardening isn't rocket science.

Doug's Gardening Rule #8

Learn how to water properly. If you can do that, you can grow anything.

Doug's Gardening Rule #9

See Rule #2.

The Unedited Head Gardener

My blog where I tell you what I really think about a variety of subjects, gardens I've visited and books I've read.

Perennial Flowers

Here's where I tell you how to succeed with perennial flowers. "Friends don't let friends plant annuals." :-)


Garden compost is the single most important thing you can add to your garden. Here's what you need to know

Container Gardening

Yes, you can grow darn near any plant in a container with a bit of attention to details

Landscaping Ideas

I'm a bit of a heretic in that I believe gardeners can build great landscapes themselves - here are the starting points

Backyard Ponds

I've built a pond, large or small, in every garden I've ever had. Can't decide where to build it in this one yet but it's coming.

Plant Propagation

The techniques are fairly simple if you follow these guidelines, you can produce all the plants you need

Garden Pictures

Thousands of pictures - shared by readers and Doug for dreaming and inspriation. You can add to them.

Organic Flower Gardening

Organic flower gardening indeed but much more including vegetables and techniques

Online Gardening Courses

Courses I've run for readers - no longer doing so but left the information there.

Garden Tools

I love great gardening tools and here's what I really think about some others

Ask Gardening Questions

I do answer gardening questions but I've slowed way down now I'm mostly retired. Thanks for understanding

Latest Articles

These are the latest 10-15 pages posted here on my garden website.

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