Vegetable Gardening iPad App Review "Grow Planner"

by Doug
(In His Garden)

You know I love my ipad and you know I love my garden. But I confess I'm a pretty haphazard vegetable garden planner relying on my memory more than any recorded notes. It's a character flaw I've lived with for over 30 years now and given I used to keep meticulous notes in the nursery, this has been a mystery to me. Sigh....

If anything is going to reverse this trend, it's this brand new iPad app called Grow Planner from Mother Earth News.

They sent me a review copy and I confess this is the first garden app that has a running chance of helping me keep records and actually plan a garden with Mayo (who loves planning)

This app not only allows you to create your own garden shapes based on your existing garden (critical in planning) it keeps track of what you grow from year to year. It gives you information on crops, on timing for double-cropping and intensive gardening (you have to love any app that helps you double your yields) and even helps you plan a square foot garden if you're so inclined And yes, it has a ton of actual plant information built-in to answer your gardening questions.

And it makes use of the iPad interface employing swipes and the kinds of movement you've come to expect on an iPad.

It is one powerful app and I simply love it - the best one I've seen to date on vegetable gardening. Do I sound like I'm gushing here?

So - here are my recommendations for using it. Watch the intro video! This is a powerful bit of software masquerading as an iPad app. And you have to learn it because it will do a lot more than you think on initial investigation. The video is 10-minutes long and I've watched it twice already. Great explanations! But this one (like all powerful and really useful software) will take a bit of practice. Nice thing? You can change stuff on the fly if you screw up (not that you will but I might have...)

There are very few apps in iTunes that are worth $9.99 This one is.

Doug gives it his best 5-star recommendation. This vegetable gardening app will make you want to rush out and buy an ipad.

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