Vegetable Seed Starting Dates

by Doug
(in the garden)

Seeding Dates in USDA zone 4.

(Add a week for every zone colder and subtract a week for every zone warmer - “roughly”)

One thing I would note is that these dates are not carved in stone. You can (and should) modify them to suit your own garden and situation. If you have a warm garden -advance things a week or so but if you live in a frost pocket, then you should consider adding a bit of patience to your gardening repertoire.

These are best estimates and guidelines. Where there are both indoor and outdoor, you have a choice. Where there is only one, you generally use that system (if only indoor, you start seeds indoors). But to answer a question that's sure to be raised, can you start seeds such as corn indoors to get an early jump on the season? The answer is that you can start "any" seed indoors if you want to do the work. :-) And take enough care with the transplanting.

Beans Outdoor Sowing Sow every 10 days - from May 20th to end July

Beet Outdoor Sowing mid-April weekly until mid-July

Broccoli Indoor Sowing Feb 15-Mar 15 Outdoor SowingEarly May

Brussels Sprouts Indoor Sowing Feb 15-Mar 15 Outdoor Sowing Mid-May

Cabbage Indoor Sowing Feb 15-Mary 15 Outdoor Sowing Mid-May (early) June 5 (late)

Carrots Outdoor Sowing Mid May to mid July

Cauliflower Indoor Sowing Early Feb 15 - Mar 15. Outdoor Sowing April 15 for early, end May for late

Celery Indoor Sowing Feb 15 Outdoor Sowing April 15 to May 1

Corn Outdoor Sowing Mid-May

Cucumber Indoor Sowing April 20 Outdoor Sowing June 10

Eggplant Indoor SowingApril 10 Outdoor Sowing June 10 (but only in warm areas)

Kale: Outdoor Sowing Late June or early July

Leek Indoor SowingFeb 15 Outdoor Sowing April 10 to Mid June

Lettuce Outdoor Sowing April 1 weekly to July 1

Melons Indoor Sowing April 15 Outdoor Sowing June 10

Onions Indoor Sowing Feb 15 Outdoor Sowing April 5 - May 10

Parsnip Outdoor SowingApril 10

Peas Outdoor SowingApril 10

Peppers Indoor SowingMar 15-April 1

Pumpkin Indoor Sowing April 15 Outdoor Sowing May 10 - June 10

Radish Outdoor Sowing April 15 or as soon as ground workable

Spinach Outdoor SowingApril 15 or as soon as ground workable

Squash Outdoor Sowing June 1

Swiss Chard Outdoor SowingApril 15 or as soon as ground workable

Tomato Indoor Sowing Mar 15-April 1

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